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We are proud to present our work as a demonstration of our expertise and continued growth. When we emphasize the fact that we launch our own products using our 3 x 3 Process, this is the result. As we continue to develop new and exciting brands, our opportunity to capitalize on new techniques and systems will be thoroughly vetted before we implement them for our clients.

Our premier digital product teaches budding online entrepreneurs how to create and edit videos with the popular screen capture software, Camtasia. The Screen Profits sales funnel features three levels of training, Basic Training, Accelerated Profits, and Video Assembly Line. Screen Profits totaled 420 front end units and enjoyed a refund rate of less than 4% in an industry where 10% is considered good. Did we mention that it was on the Leaderboard the entire week?

Screen Profits Basic Training provides the fundamentals of creating and editing profitable videos. This complete training course includes detailed demonstrations of how to use popular video editing software, presented in an over-the-shoulder teaching-style.

GIMPY Logo Production is a bonus training for every Basic Training customer. This training shows how to utilize the free software GIMP to create graphics for videos. This  training also demonstrates when to hire a professional and how to effectively find the best talent.

Screen Profits Accelerated Profits is the next step for those who want to take their learning to the next level. While it isn’t a required purchase, many customers feel they’re ready to go beyond the basics of editing and delve into the world of video production.

Screen Profits Video Assembly Line contains our most advanced information in the Screen Profits Line up. It teaches some very sophisticated techniques that help you churn out videos in a snap! Make no mistake, these techniques are best suited for PRO users (so it's also not a required purchase).

To make Screen Profits possible required a substantial network of partners and careful planning. Our Founder pulled many different resources together, including Joint Venture managers and marketing gurus. It certainly helped to throw in a $2,000 JV contest!

“I had a lot of help from a variety of industry leaders. I learned so much from this experience and I’m proud of the launch’s success.” — Jeff Caravantes

Video as a communication medium has no signs of slowing down. We see Screen Profits becoming an increasingly important resource for anyone looking to harness the power of video. We will continue maintenance and development of Screen Profits.

Our Premier Marketing Communication Web Property

Jeff Caravantes has the consummate Student Mentality — no matter how successful he is or how badly he fails, he will also seek to learn and grow from every experience. As he took a look at the nature of the Internet Marketing industry, he noticed a few things that could be done differently.

“It took me a long time to go from complete newbie to my first product launch. I learned from several mentors, taking several years to build the big picture. Part of my frustration was in planning my business. It was really hard for me to gather an accurate picture  of the business I was  trying to build. The gurus were selling small pieces of a puzzle, without showing the complete picture first. Once I gathered the whole picture, I realized I spent money on software and training courses that were basically useless. Something had to change.”  — Jeff Caravantes

Marketing ReVamped is marketing web property on a mission to make it easy for aspiring online entrepreneurs to discover the entire process of digital marketing. Marketing ReVamped incorporates many of the lessons that our Founder learned while developing Screen Profits and Jupiter Strategies LLC as a whole. Marketing ReVamped also features recommended products, coaching and Done-For-You solutions for those interested in building an online business efficiently.

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