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How We Work

Our innovations are pure benefits for you.

Jupiter Strategies LLC was formed in 2015 to help small businesses and solopreneurs  fully explore their potential in the digital landscape. We help our customers and clients gain position in the digital realm by overcoming the creative and technical barriers to effective digital marketing.

We strive to stay on the cutting edge of digital marketing. In addition to solving the problems faced by our clients and customers, we create our own digital brands. Our creations utilize the same solutions we provide our clients, resulting in constant updates to our expertise.

By placing own assets on the line, we’re able to vet new strategies and techniques with our internal launches instead of using our clients as guinea pigs. Our clients simply reap the rewards.

We’re looking forward to putting our experience to work for you. Contact us today to get started!

To your success,

Jeff Caravantes, Founding Member
Jupiter Strategies LLC

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Our Process

Our 3 x 3  Process is a time proven formula.

Stage 1: Strategizing

Step 1: Identify
We look at several market indicators, including existing products, pending technology breakthroughs, and audience feedback. In addition to standard indicators, we consider also consider less obvious factors like the number and quality of YouTube channels that address the desired audience.
Step 2: Analyze
We use the insights from the Identification step to determine what products and services that would benefit from further development. We also examine the possible launch strategies, including potential partners, to insure that any developments will have the highest chance of success.
Step 3: Decide
We gather all information and plan the implementation. At this point, the timeline is established. We do not take long at this step… it’s best to execute and revise as needed.

Stage 2: Crafting

Step 1: The Brand
We create sustainable brands based on our strategy. We design the logo, color scheme, website, and social media presence to fulfill the customer’s expectations. We believe that the brand carries most of the weight once the products or services have been offered, so it’s best to build one that endures.
Step 2: The Funnel
We’ve found that sales funnels are powerful tools for making sales. We have found that designing product offers in packages and selling them in a series can be more effective than asking for one, high price ― depending on the strategy and market.
NOTE: Sales funnels require careful planning and extremely thorough testing!
Step 3: The Content
We create all of the content needed to complete the sales funnel. This may require software development, sales videos, eBooks, course videos or any other materials. If we’re working on behalf of a client with a physical store, we often create their social media images and videos during this step.

Stage 3: Distribution

Step 1: Ad Campaign
Prior to launch, we typically begin an extensive ad campaign to announce the pending launch. Depending on the strategy, we may also use this time to recruit affiliates if required. We also open any digital product to beta testers during this time and gather their feedback.
Step 2: Launch
We love this part. We bring our strategy, products and services to market and watch the sales come in. This is the Grand Opening of a new brand that will have a long life and many happy customers!
Step 3: Follow Up Campaigns
We know that 80% of sales come from 20% of the customers. It’s built into our strategy. Once we’ve launched, the next move is to keep providing value through follow up offers. In addition to the initial funnel sales, we typically integrate webinars and affiliate sales in the days following the initial launch.

Our Work

Our brands embody our processes.

Our Solutions

We call our services “solutions” for a reason. Our solutions are the exact processes we use in our internal launches and business operations. We know firsthand what problems need to be solved and the best way to solve them. Hence, we have the solution to your problem.

Digital Marketing Strategy

The Big Picture for your business

As our name suggests, we’re all about strategies and planning. We know how to get your business off the ground because we’ve launched our own products and digital campaigns. We would be happy to sit down with you to discuss the big picture of digital marketing and help you decide how you’re going to implement your own marketing success.

Branding and Web Development

The foundation of your business

Your brand is your mark on the world. Your website is your Digital Real Estate. It’s important that the two are matched up — otherwise, trust is lost. We design robust websites that communicate who you are and what your business has to offer. Whether you need a simple one-pager or a full eCommerce store, we can help.

Content Marketing

Lead with value for your customers

We know the key to acquiring customers is providing value on a consistent basis. Articles and videos are a great way to inform and entertain your customers, but the creative process can be time consuming. We write, produce, and distribute content for blogs, YouTube, and other communication avenues.

Ad Campaigns

Tell the world about your business

Running an ad campaign takes a right brain, creative mind and a left brain, detailed knowledge of campaign management systems. It’s a “full brain” affair. Let our team work with you to effectively deliver your message to your target audience.

Email Marketing

Keep you customers up-to-date

Consider how many people receive email on their phone. Email is by far one of the most effective ways to connect with prospective buyers as well as reminding existing customers why they love you. We have experience crafting messages that make it to reader’s eyeballs.

Full Cycle Solutions

Every aspect of digital marketing

A Full Cycle Solution is everything we do for our products and for our clients. It’s a custom package that’s designed for your business needs and timeline. From ideation to post-launch support, we work with you to develop your vision for your digital presence. Whether your business is brand new or in need of a marketing refresh, this top to bottom solution will bring your marketing and sales to new standards.

Regardless of which service is right for you, it all starts with a personal consultation where we get to know you and your business. From there, we’ll quickly assess your needs and create a custom tailored offer for your business goals. Our Help Desk is ready to hear from you!

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